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Is your kitchen or bathroom outdated and in need of some major changes? Has the space become overcrowded and can longer accommodate your growing family? If so, it is time to call Rudy Mann General Contractor in Baton Rouge, LA. Our expert team of contractors can transform any room in your home into the ideal space you want and your family needs.

At Rudy Mann General Contractor, we treat each client on an individualized basis, by taking the time to meet with you to get a clear understanding of what your vision is for the space. This allows our team to always deliver completed remodels that go above and beyond our customers’ expectations.

We specialize in kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling, helping homeowners create a beautiful space that can meet the demands of their hectic lifestyle. These two areas of the home can be quite tricky when it comes to remodeling and takes a trained and experienced contractor to get the job done right. Unfortunately, just one miscalculation or error could add hundreds or thousands of dollars on to the costs of the job, not to mention how much longer it will take to complete.

At Rudy Mann General Contractor, we have over 40 years of experience in remodels, including kitchens and baths. This experience, matched with our contracting expertise, allows us to get the job done right and on time. This will keep your costs very reasonable and provide you with the space you need quickly and efficiently. We have the experience needed to perform any type of remodels in your home.

Whether you need more workspace, updated cabinets, or a complete new floorplan for the space, we can help you. We handle all types of remodeling services, including the installation of new lighting, flooring, appliances, counters and cabinets, along with removals of interior walls to increase the size of the room.

Call our Rudy Mann General Contractor office in Baton Rouge to find out just how affordable it is to have us transform one, or more, of the rooms in your home.

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